Asked Questions

What is the extent of WL's work coverage?
Although the vast majority of our projects typically come from within the tri state area (New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut), that by no means limits WL Kitchen & Home's coverage. We have deliver projects across the United States, even as far as California. Regardless of distance, we will also send our team of expert installers to deliver the same high quality product, just as if you were a 15 minute drive away.
Where do we start?
The first step in any design is to first better understand the space and vision of the project itself. You have the option of either visiting us at our showroom or scheduling a time for our team to visit on site. This initial meeting is to help us understand what key information is already available and what needs to be further developed to gain an accurate overview of the spatial dimensions of your space. This information is key to helping our team of architects better understand your vision. If you feel that you are unsure about what style or design would best suit your home, visiting our showroom is the quickest way to find some inspiration. As we work through the information in preparation for fabrication, it is important to note that these type of custom projects require time and patience. As many other elements such as plumbing and electrical need to be considered quite early in the process, it is recommended that these custom projects should be planned in advance. Accounting for the length of the timeline between design and installation, our aim is to also make this entire process much more manageable and easier to understand.
Why work with us?
We pride ourselves in our already established reputation for providing high end products and services for our clients. Specializing in "custom production" our team's expertise deals with hand carving and producing one of a kind pieces for your home. All of our products are built from scratch, completely custom made with no pre fabricated pieces used. From the initial design stage, all the way to our expert installation, our team of architects, artisans, and installers are true expert professionals and will help you every step of the way. We offer our services everywhere in the United States while still providing the absolute best in service and product quality. From beginning to end, we make sure to use only the best possible materials available.
What is the process?
Our team will guide you through the entire design - build process, and will reach out to you for more information as we require it. A first set of drawings will be provided based off of the comments and discussions taken from the first meeting, including plans, elevations, and perspective views. After reviewing and approving the initial design our team will move towards fabrication, crafting each piece meticulously by hand. As the process moves forward, we will also be providing plans and other vital information to all other tradesmen that will be working on site alongside us.
What information should I have for the first meeting, is there a cost?
Whether you are planning a visit to our showroom or scheduling a consultation in your home, there are no required drawings or information that you must have readily available. Regardless of the stage of the project, our design team is here to help you with whatever assistance you may need, be that designing the entire space or simply needing some guidance in choosing the best complimentary colors. Of course depending on the intricacy and scope of the project, having more information and direction would allow for initial designs to move much more quickly.
Delivery time, how long does a project take to be completed?
As each project differs greatly from one another, both in scope and complexity, each project's timeline will reflect these key aspects. Depending on the intricacy and size, the project timeline can jump anywhere from 12-16 weeks to 16-24, but that is all in an effort to provide our clients with the absolute best in quality and craftsmanship
Who will help during installation?
It is important to understand that crafting our products by hand does take time, as each piece is custom made to meet our clients' specifications. As the timeline does vary depending on the complexity of the project, we always make sure to remind our clients that the most effective way of approaching a new project is planning in advance. This allows our team of designers, craftsmen, and installers to take the time they need to deliver truly exceptional pieces of art for you to enjoy for many years to come. Upon the completion of installation, we guarantee a warranty of one year, to make sure that your vision was realized exactly as you imagined it.
What services WL do not offer that must be take into consideration?
WL's specialty lies exclusively in creating beautiful pieces of woodwork for your home. Any work that deals with plumbing, electricity, flooring, etc. must be completed by another tradesmen. That being said, our team will still be in constant communication with those working on site, as well as providing all necessary dimensions to make sure work is completed in an organized and effective manner.
Do you only work with large projects?
There is no minimum size requirement for any project that WL undertakes. However, given the custom and unique approach that our design team follows with every new project, the amount of time and labor invested may be much more than is necessary for a small size project..
What type of materials are typically used?
WL Kitchen & Home offers an extensive array of materials, colors, and stains, while maintaining the same level of craftsmanship and quality. WL's finishes are among the most consistent available, our multiple step technique combined with the careful selection of color matched woods and veneers ensure that the finished project follows a consistent high degree of quality.
What is the best way of maintaining your project after installation?
All woods as well as hardware and other material used for construction including finishes like lacquer, patinas, or waxes are of the upmost quality. Temperatures and humidity should remain on reasonable levels as wood is a product of nature and will keep breathing, moving, and aging. This is part of the process, and will enhance, give character, and add uniqueness to each piece. Yet, under extreme temperatures, humidity, or dryness, these natural responses may compromise the integrity of the woodwork, resulting in warping, shrinkage, and cracking. Any liquid which makes contact with the wood should be promptly wiped off the surface with a clean and dry cloth following the grain of the wood, similar instructions should be following for dusting and cleaning. It is best to refrain from the use of any polishing sprays or compounds. Some compounds contain a grit substance which may lightly scratch the wood surface, and polishing spray may contain a tint that can change the color of the wood over time. No chemicals or cleaning products should be used for regular maintenance, if necessary. a high quality furniture polish can be used. Furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this may fade or darken the wood and its finish. Wood is a solid but soft material, you can avoid marks and scratches by using protective strips, felt, or leather when placing heavy objects, drinks, lamps, or any others which may compromise the surface.
What type of warranty does WL offer?
Products manufactured by WL Kitchen & Home that are purchased for and installed in a residential application are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. This warranty extends for a period of one year from the last day of installation, and is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective materials or craftsmanship at our discretion, without charge to the customer.