How to approach the design of your kitchen

Kitchens today are designed with a plethora of elements and key aspects that must always be considered. Just as every individual is different, so too are the ways in which we use and take full advantage of our kitchens. Are you hosting family get-togethers, parties, or simply wish to cook to your heart's content? While the input of experienced professionals is always helpful, the main aim should always be to make the space work for you, there is no right or wrong answer.



Proximity is extremely vital in regards to how a kitchen functions effectively. Having ample countertop space as well as nearby storage is a must for streamlining cooking. In maximizing functionality and understanding one’s priorities, one can achieve a more efficient cooking process. eliminating any type of clutter and cooking overlap.

Efficient Storage

An efficiently designed kitchen will take great consideration in planning efficient storage. To that end, there are multiple different kinds of accessories that help facilitate and maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity.

Shopping Habits

Like many unique aspects of a kitchen, your shopping habits also play a vital role in how the design takes shape. Do you buy in bulk, how often do you buy groceries, things such as food preference, family size, and cooking habits all help inform the design. These elements are especially important when planning the size and design of your pantry and other storage areas.

Drawers vs. Shelves

The inclusion of more drawers compared to shelves makes for more efficient storage and easier access. This is one way designers create more storage without compromising the overall design/layout of the kitchen.


The addition of an island has a multitude of potential uses that make it ideal for any new kitchen design. From creating a new countertop space for preparing meals or simply having somewhere to have drinks and share a meal with friends, kitchens islands had become the new focal place for entertainment at home.

Specialty Centers

It's important to keep in mind that if you have any specific design requirements such as coffee and baking stations, desks, and any other type of specialty center or appliance, they should be designed to flow seamlessly  with the functionality and style of your kitchen.

Choose your style

Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or something in between, understanding the different styles available will help you as you plan your kitchen renovation. This will inform you on what exact type of cabinet, color scheme, texture, lighting, surfaces, etc. works best for your vision. The most important consideration is to stay true to your personal preference as well as the architectural style of your home to make it truly yours.