The art of hand carving has been a part of our shared human history since the dawn of time. Within all great works of architecture and design, their beauty and grandeur are often largely attributed to the smallest of details. Often, these hand carved pieces are the very details that evoke our strongest emotions, given the attention, care, and dedication that each element requires. However, with the passage of time, these artisanal skills are no longer as sought after as they once were, as people today will usually opt for faster, more mass produced pieces.

Through years of tirelessly perfecting their craft, our team of artisans pride themselves in creating beautifully unique pieces. Tailoring and designing each of them to fit seamlessly with any type of interior style. Using only the best raw materials, the time and dedication spent with each component are what create our much sought after interiors. Creating beautiful and functional spaces that highlight this centuries old craft.

Below are some examples of projects we design, manufacture, and install. Each one was envisioned distinctly for our clients, as such, the approach is entirely unique and tailored to our client’s exact desire.


Custom Staircase

An impeccable level of detail that highlights the true abilities and dedication of our team.

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Home Library

Designed to incorporate multiple hand carved elements, including brackets, columns, and rosettes.

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With stunning hand carved details highlighting a beautiful stained glass centerpiece.

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Blending classic and modern styles to create an entirely unique composition.

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Designed to incorporate a coffered ceiling, marble countertop, and contrasting tones of finishes

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Mahogany stained custom vanities, each with their own uniquely crafted detailed elements.

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TV Units

Units with hand carved detailed elements, with a sense of age and elegance.

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Coffered Ceiling

Tied together through the surrounding crown and molding details.

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Prayer Room

Adorned with beautifully hand carved brackets and crown moldings.

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